Outreach meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every other month, in person. 

We will now have our Outreach meetings IN PERSON at Hope on the 2nd Thursday of every other month (November, January and so on). It will be held 6:30-7:30pm. Please have all reports, questions or suggestions to Tori Cooper by the 1st Thursday of the month. Our next meeting will be May 9th.

  • Ministry of the Month

    Ministry of the Month April- Aging Matters in Brevard “Meals on Wheels” donation of $500. Meals on Wheels delivers hot, well-balanced meals to homebound seniors in Brevard.  Meals on Wheels allows senior adults to live at home when they are no longer able to cook for themselves. Trained volunteers visit each weekday around noon, providing Brevard seniors with a hot meal, a friendly visit, and safety check. They can refer participants to additional services and can even initiate an emergency response if necessary.

  • Hope Helpers

    Much like our “Hope Cares Team” that provides meals and rides for members who have been hospitalized, recently given birth or have lost a family member or need funeral arrangements we have decided to add a new way to help members within our Family at Hope. “Hope Helpers” will be a list of able-bodied men and women who are willing to help when members need handyman type services in their home.  This may include but is not limited to helping do lawn work, light housework duties, fixing minor items like light bulb changes, fan repairs, swapping out door handles/ locks or anything else not requiring a   licensed electrician, plumber or contractor. This list will include 5-15 members of Hope who would be willing to help with various items and can be contacted as needed.  We will create a “sign up application” for anyone willing to be added to this list that includes work experience or willing to work on (fill in the blank).  Be on the look out for more information as we create this wonderful team. We know it can be hard to ask for help but know that everyone at Hope is family and we treat our family with kindness, comfort and dignity.

  • Shoes for Sherwood

    We have received an e-mail from our sweet nurse Elca at Sherwood Elementary requesting a donation of shoes for her students in need.  We have applied for two Thrivent cards (One boys shoes and one girls shoes) to be used to purchase new shoes for these children. We are asking Hope Members to donate children’s socks boy/girl to add to our shoe collection. A sign up sheet and bin for socks will be available in the Narthex. Please return the socks by Sunday April 14th.  This is a two week turn around.

  • Baker's Blessings on the Road

    This month’s cookies will go to the Melbourne Police Department. We are asking for 2 ½ dozen cookies to be bagged two to a bag in Ziplock Baggies. Please take a bag of “Baker’s Blessings” labels and put one on each bag of cookies. When you deliver your cookies to church, please put a check mark in the “Cookies Delivered” box. Should you have any questions, please contact Nancy Sutter at (321) 537-2717. Thank you!

  • Hope for the Homeless

    In March, members donated 8 deodorants, 1 bag of clothes, multiple bags of razors and 1 pair of shoes. We also donated 400 drawstring backpacks and a pack of socks using the March Thrivent card. For the month of April we will be using a Thrivent card to purchase Feminine Hygiene items for the women at Daily Bread. Hope members can contribute by donating 3 in 1 shampoo/ conditioner/ body washes. Thank you to all those who have continued to donate to this very worth cause in our community. 

         If you have any questions about our ongoing Daily Bread collections or about volunteering to help at a meal, please contact Tori Cooper at Outreach@hope-brevard.org or Tori65roses65@yahoo.com.

  • Loving Stitches

    Loving Stitches is ready to start up again. We have taken a break as we worked on partnering with VITAS Healthcare sewing for those who have entered hospice care. Our project this year will be making Veteran’s Bed Scarves for veterans who have entered hospice. Deaconess Lois will be getting some sewing kits together soon. There will be a sewing workshop at VITAS Offices, Melbourne, in which we are invited to participate. We have no details currently. If you are interested in joining Loving Stitches sewing group or are interested in more information, please contact Deaconess Lois via email, deaconess.lois@hope-brevard.org, or in person after church.

  • Hope Cares

    Here at Hope, we have the best Outreach, we also have a wonderful program to take care of our Hope family. The beginning of a new year is a great time to sign up for Hope Cares. There are lots of categories in which you can participate; such as, sending greeting cards to our shut-ins, bringing a meal to someone that has had injury or surgery, making a phone call, or giving someone a ride to church or to do errands. All you have to do is pick up a golden colored half-sheet and check off the items which interest you.  If you are already signed up, check to see that you still are interested in those items that you checked. It’s a great way to help others in our Hope family and share your blessings.

  • Additional Community Support

    • Operation Christmas Child
    • Gifts from the Heart
    • Guardian ad Litem Angel Tree
    • Children's Hunger Project
    • New Life Mission
    • CITA Mission
    • The Haven for Children
    • Trinity Lutheran School
    • Sherwood Elementary School
    • Daily Bread, The Sharing Center, Genesis Food Pantry
    • Family Promise of Brevard
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • LCMS and LWML
    • Seven AA Groups
  • Outreach Report for 2023

    In 2023 Hope’s Outreach expenditures came to $36,427 which included external and internal missions as well as advertising. The total income via our 11% of Hope’s total income for the year was $34,775 which included $250 from Steve Apostle’s memorial donation, $330 misc. donations and the $940 and 1,414 items from Hope member for Genesis Food Pantry. We also used $2,500 in Thrivent dollars which equaling 2,272 items purchased for Genesis Food Pantry- Food on the First. That was a whopping 3,686 non-perishable items given to our community in need. The 12/31/2023 ending balance in the Outreach account was $15,998.51. As of 12/1/2023, we used roughly 59 Thrivent cards which is an astonishing $14,750 in extra funds. Thank you to all who contribute to and support out Thrivent missions. What a wonderful way to given back for all the time, talents and treasures God has go graciously given to each of us. We truly are the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.