Hope's Church Vision

Since Hope’s beginning in 2005, we have been a congregation focused on serving our neighbors and reaching out. But since our beginning in 2005, we’ve struggled to find deeper clarity around who we are as followers of Jesus and how we can best continue to serve our community while, at the same time, growing as followers of Jesus ourselves.

In order to help us to find that clarity, the leaders of Hope Lutheran Church will be gathering together on July 10, and again on July 17, in order to clearly define our vision and mission here in Melbourne. It is hoped that, as we define who we are and what we do, the members of Hope will be able to clearly and easily talk about why they belong to our congregation and what we do as a congregation.

It is to that end that we ask for your continued prayers and encouragement as we work though these very important tasks. Once our leaders have finished their work, they will present our new vision and mission to the congregation and, from there, we will be able to move forward together, growing as disciples of Jesus, and carrying the hope that we have within us out into the community where we work and play.