Hope's Church Vision

1) Prayer! Please pray for our community of believers, pray for our leaders, pray for our pastor, pray for this effort!
2) Being part of the 20% of the church that takes on the responsibility of being discipled and then discipling others to equip them to have a successful Hope hosted gathering.
3) Being part of the 60% of the church that is doing a successful Hope hosted event! This may be in your home, out on the beach, just about anywhere! It can be done with other church members, your neighbors, just about anyone! Here the skills are hospitality and faith sharing.
4) Communication – We are in need of help to make sure we articulate and share parts of our vision effectively, creatively and powerfully. Maybe you can help!
5) Discipleship – We have defined this as, “A lifelong journey, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, to learn God’s will, understand our Faith, and explore what it means to share our daily talents in service to others”. Consider church programs to strengthen your journey: Bible study, fellowship groups, worship, home devotions, etc.
6) Church Structure – We are in need to make sure our church structure helps carry out our mission and values. This is detail oriented work, but sorely needed.
7) A Course on Leadership – We are developing a course for anyone interested. You may be a gifted leader, you may not. This course is intended to help build on your strengths and address your weaknesses.